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Florida is a state located in the mid-Atlantic United States, bordered by the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Its coastline has hundreds of thousands of miles of beautiful beaches. Orlando, the state’s largest city, is home to the world’s tallest building, the Universal Studios Theme Park. The city of Miami also boasts some famous arts scenes and Latin-American cultural influences, particularly its famous nightlife. Its neighbor Florida is also known for its theme parks, particularly Walt Disney World.

When people think about Florida they often visualize the warm Atlantic waters on one coast and the dry Gulf of Mexico on another. The state has great beaches for visitors to enjoy, however, all waters are not created equal. Florida, like many other states, have two general types of water: the saltwater and the freshwater. Within each type of water is found the specific species of fish that inhabit that water. There are numerous manatees, birds, mammals and reptile species that can be found in Florida waters.

One of the more popular tourist destinations in Florida is along the Crystal River. This is a tributary that drains into the Atlantic Ocean, providing a series of manatee habitat and other wildlife areas for fisherman and others who enjoy the area. Florida manatees have been found along the banks of the Crystal River since the year nineteen hundred sixty. Many of these manatees find their way into Lake Maggiore, a manatee lake located on the southern end of the Crystal River. There, the Crystal River becomes part of the St. Lucian Aquarium, which provides for the needs of the manatees of the area.

In addition to manatees, there are several schools of fish that can be found in the crystal river. Many of these fish find their way into the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which is located off the southern tip of the state. A great place to find them is along the Intracoastal Waterway. There, the coral reefs of the Keys are teeming with hundreds of different species of fish. The coral reefs of the area serve as a vibrant underwater environment where many forms of marine life can flourish.

Because the St. Lucian Aquarium and the Crystal River provide a habitat for manatees, the Florida keys also hold many locations and spaces where tourists and visitors can go to view the beautiful coral reef found there. Among the places you can visit include the NASA space center, Key West, Disney, and Fort Lauderdale. These cities are all popular tourist destinations, which make it easy for people to get from one place in Florida to the next.

When people travel to the state of Florida, they often drive through the southern part of the state, which holds the largest amount of real estate. Many homes sit along the banks of the Crystal river and they offer plenty of beautiful views of the tropical waters and the clear skies above. In addition to the clear waters of the ocean and sky above, the Floridian waters feature the world class barrier reef, which is a sight not to be missed by anyone.

When people travel to the southern part of the state of Florida, they will find that the Floridian coast line features the world class city of Miami. Miami is home to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so this is where many people begin their trip. Within driving distance of this exciting city is Fort Lauderdale, another hot spot popular with travelers. Fort Lauderdale features plenty of attractions including the famous Biscayne Bay. This area offers many water activities such as scuba diving, boating, fishing and surfing. The peninsula also offers beautiful beaches, which is why it is such a popular tourist destination.

Finally, many people visit Florida for the beaches and the sunshine. Since the state of Florida enjoys four different seasons, there are endless outdoor activities year-round. People can hike on the Pahokee River, enjoy hunting on the wildlife refuges or go swimming on the beaches, which feature year-round sunshine. With all these activities to choose from, it should be no wonder that the state of Florida has been ranked as the fifth best state in the world for tourism.

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