Commercial Roofing

Have you ever thought about the benefits of Commercial Roofing? These roofing services are becoming more popular in cities and towns. It is not only used for the roof of commercial buildings. It can be used on the driveways and parking lots. Commercial Roofing is not only meant for the building industry.

Commercial Roofing offers various benefits over residential roofing systems. The commercial roofing is highly durable and practical. It’s also lightweight and so takes no extra maintenance at all. The Commercial Roofing conserves energy by lowering the demand on the electrical companies. In case your company is eco-friendly, save money by using the composite roofing. This reduces the need for harmful chemicals in the making of the roof.

Another advantage of Commercial Roofing services is that they offer a competitive edge against other rivals. With a Commercial Roofing, the building owner has the advantage of having a solid roof over his head, which gives him the edge in the market. The Commercial Roofing services are available in a variety of materials, such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes, tile etc. You can choose the material which suits your budget. But what matters most is the longevity of the roof, which can be enhanced with proper maintenance, and care.

These roofs are extremely durable when it comes to rainy weather. Also, the materials used for the construction of the Commercial Roofing are fire resistant. Also, the asphalt shingles offer a great grip in snow and hail, making it an ideal choice for commercial buildings and homes. And you will get all these advantages along with protection against UV rays, rain and wind.

Now let’s compare the advantages offered by the Commercial Roofing versus the Residential Roofing. When it comes to the pricing, the prices for the Commercial Roofing are considerably higher than that of the residential roofing. But, this does not mean that the Commercial Roofing is of inferior quality. On the contrary, you will get high quality materials used in the construction of the Commercial Roofing, so that it offers a long lasting roof over your building.

But, it is not that Commercial Roofing costs more than the residential roofing. The price depends on the extent of installation required for the roof system. For the roofs with less extensive installation requirement, like the asphalt shingles, you can have it installed at a cost lower than that of the asphalt shingles. Also, the installation costs for the tile roof systems are lower than that of the clay tile roof systems.

Also when we talk about the materials used in the roofing, you must mention that the most expensive materials used in the residential roofing are the asphalt shingles, and the least expensive are the metal roofing systems. Usually, you can have the clay tiles as the base of the roofing, and then you can have the metal roofing system as the top layer. Thus, you will find that these roofs cost almost the same as the asphalt shingles. However, when we compare the Commercial Roofing with the Residential Roofing, you will find that the Commercial Roofing materials are costlier than the clay tiles roofing system.

As far as the longevity of the roof systems is concerned, you can have the clay tiles or the metal roofs with fewer layers. However, in case of the metal roofs, you can have the additional layers of either the fire retardant coating or the moisture barrier layers. Also, you will find that with fewer layers, you can reduce the lifespan of the roof system by up to 50%! Thus, you can have the long-term benefits of the built-in roofing membrane.